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About Us!

Hi! My names Grace, the owner of Lunar Crystals! Founded in 2018 and based in rural Victoria, Australia.

My goal is to provide hand picked, high quality & ethically sourced crystals. I'll always ensure what you see online is exactly what you'll receive and you'll never feel let down by the quality when opening a parcel ever again!

My passion for crystals started from a very young age, my mum has always been very spiritual and was right into crystal healing, spirituality and reiki. As a child I suffered from bad anxiety and to help with this my mum used to place tumble stones under my pillow and in my pockets before school. This was the beginning of my crystal journey and my introduction into the amazing benefits crystals have for your well-being. I’m a Cancerian so am an empath and still suffer from anxiety to this day, especially in social settings and when it comes to meeting new people. Crystals are my go to and help me on a daily basis for comfort, healing, stress & anxiety relief and self love! For the last 10 years I've been a massive crystal hoarder, everywhere you look in my home is covered in crystals! This is when Lunar Crystals was born, I LOVE finding and sourcing the most incredible pieces from all over the world for you and pride myself in having very close relationships with all my suppliers, which often come from small family owned business' & mines! By having these relationships with my suppliers it means I always know exactly where my crystals are coming from, the working conditions, how their staff are being treated and ensuring theres no child labour being used ( which is unfortunately all to common in the crystal industry) If a supplier can't answer all my questions and be transparent with me from the start then I will simply not support them even if their prices are cheaper than their competitors. 

Please always feel free to reach out if you have any questions via email. instagram dm or fb message, I’m always happy to help out, I'm also able to send through photos or videos of any pieces you'd like to see more of! xo